The FirsTrust Difference
The FirsTrust Difference

How We Are Paid

Fee-Only.   Fiduciary.   Independent.

for anyone considering the services of a financial advisor.



There is a growing community of financial advisors in the United States who believe strongly that an “advisor” should never receive sales incentives from anything they “advise” a client to do; that a “fiduciary" should eliminate conflicts of interest instead of just disclose them; and that "independence" means the freedom to evaluate and compare financial solutions from across the world, not just a menu of investments that suit their employer’s profit agenda.

Unfortunately, although many consumers believe their financial advisor already adheres to this practice, fewer than 5% of financial advisors in this country actually make this commitment - in writing.



We are easy to hire and easy to fire - mutually aligned with your interests  and financially incentivized to provide constant value with competent service.


Clients pay a quarterly advisory fee for their choice of investment, retirement, tax, and/or estate planning services. If you don’t want it - you don’t pay for it. And, if you want to discontinue our services at the end of any quarter, just say so.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going supervisory management of your accounts)

Accounts above $1 million: 0.40% to 0.85% annually

Accounts under $1 million: Fixed $ fee may be available


WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going financial/retirement, tax, or estate planning (per service))

Accounts above $1 million: 0.05% to 0.25% annually

Accounts under $1 million: Fixed $ fee may be available


FirsTrust is proud to be one of America's Elite Fee-Only Registered Financial Advisor firms.

It's what WE would want if WE were the client.


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