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We help clients achieve their financial objectives by successfully managing investment risks and minimizing taxes & expenses.

Basic Financial Planning

Expert Investment Management

Family Office FinancialTeam

No sales agendas.    No rookie advisors.    No divided loyalties.

There is simply no reason to pay more or settle for less. 

<p>The Value Of<p>True Objectivity

The Value Of

True Objectivity

As Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciaries, our judgment is never clouded by sales incentives and our loyalties are never divided by a corporate profit agenda.

<p>The Value Of<p>True Expertise

The Value Of

True Expertise

Our FinancialTeam advisors have advanced educations, expert certifications and decades of experience in their specialized fields of expertise.

<p>Comprehensive<p>Financial Planning


Financial Planning

Wholistic financial guidance from an experienced, Fee-Only Certified Financial Planner® and 24/7 access to your Personal Financial Website.




Professional management of your investment portfolio with a continuous, proactive focus on minimizing unnecessary risks, taxes and expenses.

<p>Strategic<p>Tax Planning


Tax Planning

Ongoing analysis of your tax planning  opportunities, routine collaboration with your financial advisors, and an efficiency review of your annual income tax return.

<p>Advanced Trust &<p>Estate Planning

Advanced Trust &

Estate Planning

Expert planning for the efficient transfer of your estate and continued assistance to help survivors implement your legacy objectives after you're gone.

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How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

A Nobel Prize-winning risk analysis helps engineer an investment portfolio to achieve your goals with a 95% probability range.

Cutting Edge Technology

See our amazing tools for organizing your finances, collaborating with your advisors and monitoring your results.

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Personal Financial Website

Constantly updated values of everything you own and interactive tools to monitor cash flows and analyze progress,
plus a secured, private document vault for everything you (and your heirs) may need at a moment's notice,
available on-line, 24/7 from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.
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How to Find a Financial Adviser

......And while we’re on the topic of ethics: Fiduciaries are required by law to put your interests before their own.. In addition to that, a subset of fiduciary firms are fee-only, which means they don’t sell any products or services beyond their relationship with you and act as a fiduciary in all parts of their business. The word fiduciary gets used incorrectly all the time, but a true fiduciary has very few conflicts of interest, with all decisions made in the client’s best interest. For me, these two criteria – being a CFP and a fiduciary – should be non-negotiable when choosing an adviser............ Read More

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