FIRST... find a resource you can TRUST!

... a fiduciary Advisor who isn’t also a commissioned sales rep.
... an independent firm that isn't paid to promote certain investments.
... financial expertise from actual financial experts.


Personal Financial Planning: (retirement, tax, estate and investment advice)

Private Wealth Management: (financial plan + expert investment management)

Family Office FinancialTeam: (full staff of financial experts: clients with $10mm+) 


No sales pitches.      No rookies.      No divided loyalties.

There is simply no reason to pay more or settle for less. 

<p>The Value Of<p>True Objectivity

The Value Of

True Objectivity

As Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciaries, our judgment is never clouded by sales incentives and our loyalties are never divided by a corporate profit agenda.

<p>The Value Of<p>True Expertise

The Value Of

True Expertise

Our FinancialTeam advisors have advanced educations, expert certifications and decades of experience in their specialized fields of expertise.

<p>Comprehensive<p>Financial Planning


Financial Planning

Wholistic financial guidance from an experienced, Fee-Only Certified Financial Planner® and 24/7 access to your Personal Financial Website.




Professional management of your investment portfolio with a continuous, proactive focus on minimizing unnecessary risks, taxes and expenses.

<p>Strategic<p>Tax Planning


Tax Planning

Ongoing analysis of your tax planning  opportunities, routine collaboration with your financial advisors, and an efficiency review of your annual income tax return.

<p>Advanced Trust &<p>Estate Planning

Advanced Trust &

Estate Planning

Expert planning for the efficient transfer of your estate and continued assistance to help survivors implement your legacy objectives after you're gone.

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Your Financial Goals
Why Hire Us?

See what you can expect from our expert Private Wealth Management services.

How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

A Nobel Prize-winning risk analysis helps engineer an investment portfolio to achieve your goals with a 95% probability range.

Cutting Edge Technology

See our amazing tools for organizing your finances, collaborating with your advisors and monitoring your results.

Stay connected with your

Personal Financial Website

Constantly updated values of everything you own and interactive tools to monitor cash flows and analyze progress,
plus a secured, private document vault for everything you (and your heirs) may need at a moment's notice,
available on-line, 24/7 from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.
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