Buyer Beware

Did you get good advice or just a good sales pitch?



Always examine motives!

The vast majority of today's "fiduciary" advisors are also licensed

to receive financial incentives for promoting certain investments.


Why would I pay someone a fee - to sell me something?   

Great question. It's a direct conflict of interest for a fee-paid "fiduciary" to recommend investments that he gets paid to promote. But the current law permits it. And, believe it or not, their fiduciary duty to serve your "best interest" simply requires this conflict to be disclosed - not eliminated. 

What can we do about it?

First and foremost, we lead by example: voluntarily refusing to hold broker sales licenses and operating at all times under the Fee-Only Fiduciary Oath as Members of The National Association of Personal Financial Planners (NAPFA).

Additionally, we've taken our advocacy for consumer fairness to Washington D.C., lobbied members of Congress, and protested to SEC commissioners on behalf of The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard.

What can you do about it?

Don't be misled by clever semantics. Before you decide to work with any financial company, read their compensation disclosure to understand all the different ways they profit from your investment choices . (Here's ours).


Truth Test: ask a "fiduciary" advisor if they hold any FINRA sales licenses.



Objectivity + Independence + Expertise

Insist upon all three!


OBJECTIVITY: If you want financial advice that is never influenced by sales incentives, choose a Fee-Only advisor - who doesn't hold any brokerage sales licenses.

INDEPENDENCE: If you want investment choices that aren't dictated by a company profit agenda, choose a company that doesn't profit from your investment choices.

EXPERTISE: If you want financial expertise, choose an actual financial expert.


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