Buyer Beware

Today's "fee-based" fiduciary carries an advisor license

in one hand and a broker sales license in the other.


So, how do you know if you're getting good advice...

or just a good sales pitch?


FACT: The vast majority of "fiduciary" advisors who charge you a fee for their advice are also licensed to receive sales commissions and marketing incentives for recommending certain investments. 

They say this is a "fee based" (not Fee-Only) compensation model. We say it is a direct and entirely avoidable conflict of interest for a "fiduciary advisor" to receive kickbacks from the advice they give. 

Why is this legal?

They say conflicts of interest are legal if they "disclose" them. We say most fully-informed consumers would never agree to conflicts like this

What can we do about it?

We've been to D.C.. We've spoken with members of Congress. We've protested to SEC commissioners. But Wall Street's gazillion-dollar lobbying budget continues to find clever new ways to obscure the facts and capture a larger share of your wallet. 

What can you do about it?

Before you decide to work with any financial company, understand all the different ways they profit from your investment choices by reading their compensation disclosure (Here's ours).

What about us?

"Just do the right thing!"

FirsTrust voluntarily employs internal policies and procedures that exceed the standards required by industry regulators. Among the is our long-standing Membership of NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) 

See our sworn affidavit of guarantee that our financial advice and investment recommendations are never influenced by marketing incentives or third party relationships. 


Objectivity + Independence + Expertise

Insist upon all three!


OBJECTIVITY: If you want financial advice that is never influenced by sales incentives, choose fee only advisors who aren't also licensed sales reps.


INDEPENDENCE: If you want investment choices that are never dictated by a company profit agenda, choose a company that doesn't profit from your investment choices.


EXPERTISE: If you want financial expertise, choose an actual financial expert.


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