The FirsTrust Difference
The FirsTrust Difference



Why are there no chairs in the waiting room?

Our 30+ years of success in this industry can be attributed to one, simple concept that guides us:  "What would WE want if WE were the clients?"

There are no chairs in our lobby, because we don't like waiting around for attention, so our clients won't either. It really is that simple.



How can FirsTrust compete with the huge financial institutions?

We've been there. But after a few years of making them profitable, we realized we'd rather focus on the profitability of our clients. Today, we believe our clients receive greater expertise, a broader scope of choices, completely unbiased objectivity - and a lower overall cost.

Who are traditional FirsTrust clients?

  • Affluent retirees and those who aspire to become one
  • Individuals and families
  • Professionals and business owners
  • Trustees and pensions.

What is your principal field of expertise?

Great question to ask any financial advisor - because nobody is an expert in everything. The FirsTrust FinancialTeam is specifically advanced in the fields of:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Customized investment portfolio design
  • On-going investment management
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Post-retirement income strategies
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Advanced estate planning

Do you require a minimum investment account size?

No. Our fees are based upon the scope of services you want and the depth of expertise that you need. Choose what you want from our service menu and give us a call for a fee quote. 

What is a FinancialTeam?

A FinancialTeam is our ensemble of expert investment managers, financial advisors, estate planners, tax experts & retirement specialists who collaborate to help our clients make wise financial decisions.

What does INDEPENDENT mean?

Nobody can serve two masters. As an independent firm, we maintain undivided loyalties to our clients' best interests and not the profit agenda of a Wall Street employer.  

 What's the difference between a "broker" and an "advisor"?

The vast majority of today's "fiduciary" adviors are "dual licensed" to charge a fee for advice and to receive commissions and incentives for selling investments, insurance and annuities.

Is my money safe with FirsTrust?

Your money is never at FirsTrust. You can avoid being the victim of a broker who "Madoff" with your money by never giving them your money in the first place. Maintain safety and retain control by holding your accounts at a major, discount brokerage (TD Ameritrade, Schwab, etc.) Then, you can authorize FirsTrust to manage the investments in your accounts without giving away full control or authority.

What is your investment style?

Another excellent question. Just as mutual funds are designed to achieve a specific investment objective, we design and manage each client's investment portfolio to achieve their specific individual objectives. We follow a process in achieving that objective by implementing investment techniques that offer the highest probability of success with the least amount of expected risk, tax drag and cost. 

I think my broker is also a Fee-Only Advisor.

Only about 5% of advisors are actually Fee-Only; which means they ONLY hold a license to provide advice for a fee. Most advisors are "fee-based"; they hold various licenses to charge fees and receive commissions from your investments. Ask any advisor which other licenses he/she holds, and you'll probably find out what he or she will eventually "recommend" (mutual funds, life insurance and annuities, stocks & bonds, etc.). 

Who typically hires an independent, Fee-Only advisor?

Anyone who wants unbiased financial advice from a seasoned expert with no products to promote, no conflicting profit agendas, no corporate sales pressures or quotas, and a ton of high-tech resources.

How often do we meet with you to review progress?

Routinely, often quarterly, and always at your convenience. For International clientele and those who prefer video conferencing, we frequently communicate via today's modern web technologies.

What reports do you provide, and where do they come from?

We use complex data aggregation systems to retrieve information from your financial accounts, wherever they are held. The data is consolidated into a single platform that can generate dozens of analytical reports. Plus, your cloud-based Personal Financial Website will have constantly updated account values, financial plan projections with tools to track your progress, and access to your important documents in an unlimited document vault wherever you have a internet connection, 24/7.

Can you provide references?

Absolutely. Better yet, we can provide a list of CPAs and attorneys who are familiar with our services and willing to stake their own reputations on recommending us.

How do we get started?

Select the services you want from our menu of services,  then we can have a brief, initial conversation to determine if we appear to be a good fit and what fee would apply.

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