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Do you really want to serve your client's best interest?


At FirsTrust, we believe the industry definition of "fiduciary" doesn't go far enough to protect consumers.

INDEPENDENT: Your client's best interest is served by having investment choices from anywhere in the world - not just one employer's menu of stuff that pays them a marketing incentive. 

FEE-ONLY: Your client's best interest is served by eliminating conflicts of interest like commissions, third-party sales incentives, proprietary products and principal transactions.

EXPERTISE: Your client's best interest is served by a seasoned expert with many years of experience successfully navigating the roads that your clients are travelling.

Does that sound like you?

Send your resume to info@FinancialTeam.com

Firm Profile:

Nearly all FirsTrust employees have been with the firm for 20 years or more. 

Nearly all FirsTrust employees have between 25 and 35 years of experience.

Nearly all FirsTrust advisors have a master's education and at least one industry designation. 

The word TRUST is in our name, and we can demonstrate a history of it.

If you are currently employed in the financial service  industry and seeking to align with another firm,  please visit our Buyer Beware page, scroll to the bottom and read our Managing Partner's message.