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May 2018 Blog Archive

How dealing with a fee-only advisor is good for the client (as seen in ecnomics times) Wed, May 30, 2018 Remember that a person selling a product can never be a true advisor, as their interest lies in selling their product and meeting their targets.  So, who should someone seeking advice turn to? The best bet for the investor would be a fee-only advisor... Read More

Five Ways To Avoid Financial Adviser Fraud by John Wasik Wed, May 30, 2018 ........."Investors must insist their advisors put in writing they will do certain things that the be3st advisoer today already do," said Knut Rostad, executive director of the Institute.  "The Investor Bill of Rights will help them." Read More

4 financial gifts for graduates by Brittany Jones-Cooper Fri, May 25, 2018 ...Money is a popular graduation gift - and with good reason.  College grads in particular will likely be leaving school with overwhelming amounts of student debt and not much knowledge of how to pay it off.  Sure, you can simply hand them a wad of c... Read More

How to pick a fee-only financial planner when family's finances suddenly increase? by Liz Weston Wed, May 23, 2018 ".... A true fee-only financial planner accespts compensation only from clients.  You'll want one who has an appropriate credential such as certified financial planner (CFP).  The planner should be willing to be a fiduciary and put that in writing. "... Read More