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Webinar on the Global Search for Alpha: All Roads Lead to Emerging Markets

By Presented by the CFA Institute and Hosted by Chris Cannon, CFA: Chief Investment Officer at FirsTrus
Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 10:35AM

Webinar on the Global Search for Alpha: All Roads Lead to Emerging Markets

CFA Institute presents a webinar with Mark Yusko, hosted by FirsTrust's Chief Investment Officer, Chris Cannon, CFA.

Emerging market economies have been hit by pandemic-related lock down, capital outflows, reduced demand for exports, a commodity price shock, and the global disruption of supply chains.  Policy makers have responded with aggressive approaches and new tools; signs that these programs are effective suggest that emerging market economies could be more resilient than their developed counterparts burdened with higher debt levels, aging demographics, and deflationary pressures.

Yusko will discuss places where investors will not just survive, but thrive in a post-pandemic world - all roads lead to emerging markets when searching for alpha in the New Abnormal.

To register for this webinar: CFA Institute Link to Registration

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