Your Personal Financial Website

Not just a financial plan

Your Personal Financial Website contains a digital financial profile of everything you own, everything you spend,  and all of your short-term, mid-term and long-term financial objectives on a web-based platform, accessible on-line 24/7. 



Your Personal Financial Website

It's a digitally living financial plan connects with all of your financial accounts and imports updated values all day long. It automatically adjusts the value of real estate and collectibles based upon your specific criteria, records your income and spending, projects asset growth, calculates taxes and required IRA distributions, and tracks your mortgages, loan payments and debts.

With your financial data organized on your Personal Financial Website, a Certified Financial Planner® can create a digital financial profile that merges all of your short-term, mid-term and long-term financial objectives into one cloud-based, digitally living Master Financial Plan that you can easily monitor online 24/7. Your account values are current, your financial plan is automatically updated with tax and inflation factors, and interactive tools can simulate the future value of your investment portfolio based upon accurate data. 


Everything you own is aggregated into one place so strategic decisions can be

made with fresh information of  the day and not a stale snapshot of the past.




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