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Does your advisor's paycheck depend upon what you invest in?
Know your Fee-Only Fiduciary option. 
January, 2017
"While many investors think that their financial adviser already is required to act in their best interest - like their doctor or their lawyer - the law hasn’t always required it.  Financial companies often pay advisers more to promote certain products rather than to recommend what is best for their customers. That incentive creates what is known as a conflict of interest. And conflicts of interests sometimes can cause advisers to give bad advice."

For over 20 years, FirsTrust has been serving our clients' best interests - by choice, not by mandate.

A transparent service fee is our only compensation. Your financial success is our only objective.  

Each client's needs are unique, so our fees are flexibly determined based upon the scope of services each client requests. By comparison to the average bank or trust company, we believe our fee percentage on investment assets is lower and our depth of expertise is higher.

Importantly, one of our jobs is to reduce your taxes and eliminate unnecessary fees and expenses within your financial profile and investment accounts.

We do this by evaluating financial goals and comparing investment options on behalf of our clients with no outside influences. To do that objectively, we remain completely independent from any bank, brokerage, trust company, mutual fund, insurance company, or other financial institution AND we do not promote anybody's products or services, adhere to sales quotas or mandates, or accept gifts, commissions, incentives or other form of compensation from them at any time.


FirsTrust is proud to be one of America's Elite

Fee-Only Registered Financial Advisor firms.


Download File (NAPFA Consumer Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor.pdf)