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First comes TRUST!

Nobody needs a banker or broker for access to the financial markets anymore. The internet now brings a universe of choices, from countless financial institutions, right to your fingertips. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just very well marketed.

What people need is competent advocacy; expert guidance to help determine which of those choices can best achieve their financial goals without falling victim to sales trickery, corporate profiteering, or some charlatan who “Madoff” with their life savings.

We know because we’ve been there. As former bankers, brokers and financial executives, we lived among the world's largest institutions where a prominent logo somehow justifies everything else behind the curtain. 

25 years ago, our Founding Partner renounced the Wall Street culture and resolved to serve the best interest of the client by assembling a collaborative FinancialTeam of non-commission-paid experts. Equipped with the latest technology, their job is to help you craft a financial plan, analyze costs, minimize taxes and compare investment offerings from multiple financial institutions - with uncompromised objectivity and immune to the influence of sales incentives and corporate politics.

Today, FirsTrust is nationally recognized as one of the country’s elite wealth management firms, where a client’s path to success is never obstructed by someone else’s competing agenda.

Our financial success truly depends upon achieving yours.  

Come see how we do it.