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First comes TRUST!

It's a simple fact on Wall Street; everyone wants you to invest your money in ways that make them a profit.

So, here’s a question: What do you think they would "recommend" if you asked for their financial advice?

At FirsTrust, competent financial guidance is our only product, and the fee is our only compensation.

  • As an Independent firm, we objectively seek best-of-class solutions for our clients from all across the globe without being limited to the offerings of any particular institution, bank or brokerage. 
  • As a “Fee-Only" firm, we remain focused on providing first-class service to our clients, and immune to the influence of sales commissions, kick-backs, incentives and other conflicts of interest.

The FirsTrust FinancialTeam brings decades of knowledge and experience into your corner; to help determine which financial choices can best achieve your specific objectives, and to protect you from falling victim to sales trickery, corporate profiteering, or some charlatan who “Madoff” with your money.

The FIRST thing to do is find an Independent expert you can TRUST.

    WHO WE ARE:         
FirsTrust is a collaborative FinancialTeam of experts; Financial Planners, Retirement Specialists, Tax Advisors, Estate Planners and Investment Managers. We are hired by affluent families to serve as their confidential fiduciaries and help them make wise decisions in all aspects of their financial lives. 


    WHAT WE DO:        We'll help organize your resources, prioritize your financial goals and craft a plan to achieve each of them. We'll independently shop & compare the cost, tax efficiency and risk of different investment offerings from multiple financial institutions. And We'll monitor your progress, collaborate frequently and make adjustments as needed.


   HOW WE DO IT:       Through the industry’s most advanced technologies, we gain "open architecture" access to competitive investment offerings from all across the globe. We also provide you with a secure, real-time web dashboard where you can see all of your updated accounts, generate reports and access a cloud-vault with all of your important documents.


Our financial success truly depends upon achieving yours; so we

make sure your financial success is never obstructed by someone else’s agenda.


Want to see how we would approach your financial goals?