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Trusted financial advocates whose loyalties are undivided between Your Street and Wall Street.

 See the recent U.S. Department of Labor Warning.

The Morgans, Mellons and Rockefellers didn’t take their financial affairs to a public institution.

They sought-out the best talent they could find, assembled a private FinancialTeam of experts, and hired them to represent the best interests and objectives of their family.

With a dedicated “family office” of experts constantly managing, evaluating and negotiating on their behalf, the family didn't pay unfair prices, unnecessary taxes or unreasonable fees.

Instead of affiliating with just one bank or brokerage, they were free to evaluate and compare dozens of institutions to find the most competitive investment, lending and service offerings.

Instead of relying on just one person’s opinion, the family received the consensus of experts who collaborated regularly to share best practices, ideas, perspectives and strategies.

And, instead fending off a daily barrage of eager sales reps, the family was insulated by the highest standard of fiduciary representation with loyalties that were never divided by corporate profit agendas, sales commissions or third party incentives.

The question is, "Why can't you have the same?"

The answer is, "You can".   And you should.


 First , find the experts you can  Trust. 


Welcome to FirsTrust

For over 20 years, FirsTrust has provided this same level of trusted advocacy to multiple types of families who share a common desire for their family’s success and prosperity ... for a much lower cost than you might think.

Whether already wealthy or "still aspiring” wealth, in the US or international, from the average neighborhood family to three-generations of heirs to Adi Dassler and the Adidas* legacy, we serve families from all walks of life with the same objectivity, independence and expertise that was previously available only to the super-rich:

  •  True Objectivity: Unbiased financial advice to help achieve the family's goals, measure and manage risk, eliminate unnecessary middlemen, and recommend cost-effective solutions - without the influence of sales commissions, third party incentives or corporate profit agendas.
  • True Independence: Customized investment guidance from highly experienced experts, the freedom to evaluate the investment offerings at multiple banks, brokerages and trust companies, and the ability to obtain those that serve the best interest of each client; plus the technology to advise and manage the family's comprehensive portfolio assets regardless of what they are (bank or brokerage accounts, trust funds, real estate, farms, art collections, etc.) or where they are (US or international) with consolidated, real-time data and customized progress reporting.
  • True Expertise: Advanced planning strategies to reduce the family's income and estate taxes, to protect their assets from financial predators, spendthrift depletion, frivolous litigation or divorce, to promote stewardship and philanthropy, and to transition the family legacy and values to multiple future generations; with genuine care and true expertise at every level.


 WHO WE ARE:  FirsTrust is an ensemble of financial experts, hired individually, or together as a FinancialTeam, by affluent families, business owners and Trustees - both domestic and international - to help take the conflict and emotions out of wise financial decision making.    


WHAT WE DO: We'll help prioritize your financial goals, craft a plan to achieve them, and carefully implement your plan with sensible investment choices. Then, we'll monitor your progress, collaborate frequently and make practical adjustments as needed.


HOW WE DO IT: Through some of the industry’s most advanced technologies, we can acquire globally competitive investment offerings for your portfolio and provide you with a secure, real-time web dashboard to see all your updated accounts and documents, 24/7.


Come see how we would approach YOUR financial goals. 

* Adidas, Inc. and The Adidas Group are public companies and unaffiliated with FirsTrust.