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Estate Planning
...beyond life insurance and legal documents


Some of your most important financial objectives can often be achieved after your lifetime.  


♦   give the opportunity of a college education to distant grandchildren

♦   avoid family conflicts over inherited property.

♦   control access to inherited funds to prevent spendthrift tendencies.

♦   mitigate or eliminate federal and state estate taxes

♦   provide for the fiduciary management of your assets in the event of your incapacity

♦   retain and protect treasured property in the family

♦   avoid probate and other postmortem legal proceedings

♦   protect and/or dispose of family business interests

♦   ensure a comfortable financial future for surviving spouses

♦   protect your assets from creditors and law suits

♦   protect your children's inherited assets from creditors, law suits and divorces

♦   provide lasting care for loved ones with special needs

♦   create a charitable endeavor that makes a real difference - even in your absence.


Transitioning your financial affairs to the next generation

Nobody's children should have to go on a scavenger hunt to locate your assets, accounts and documents. 

We provide you with your own Personal Financial Website; a centralized dashboard where you - and eventually your heirs, can quickly and easily access all of your updated financial accounts, contact information of your friends and trusted advisors, and a secured, on-live vault with copies of your Wills, trusts, medical directives, social security information, powers of attorney, tax returns and other important documents. 

It's all in one place, safe and secure, and accessible on-line, 24/7, 365, with your personal password. 

Recent death

Why do so many complicated tasks have to emerge at the worst possible time? Our Trust & Estate advisors know what to do, and not to do, to streamline the administration of an estate and allow the survivors to focus on their families.

Trust Planning 

Did you think you could only create a trust in the state of your residence? Each state's law is different, many offer unique and valuable planning opportunities, and you are free to select the state - or country - whose laws are most favorable for your specific goals.

Serving as Trustee

In most cases, you can retain full control over your estate plan. Our Trust & Estate advisors can help many Trustees outsource the administrative duties and legal requirements while remaining in control over the trust decisions and assets.

Reducing taxes

Why buy life insurance to cover a tax that could be eliminated through strategic planning? Our Trust & Estate advisors have a documented history of saving our clients millions of dollars with a variety of tried-and-true estate tax strategies.

Saving money

Why make your heirs incur the emotional and financial capital to go through court-supervised probate if they don’t have to? In most cases, even basic estate planning can eliminate the need for the expensive and time consuming probate process.

Protecting assets

Thought you had to go offshore to protect your family’s assets? There are countless domestic and international asset protection strategies to your families’ assets from being lost to creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.



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