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Many of the world's wealthiest and most prominent families, including the Morgans, the Mellons, the Rockefellers - and three generations of heirs to Adi Dassler - didn't take their financial affairs to the local bank or brokerage. 


After the death of legendary shoe maker Adi Dassler, the family sold their ownership of Adidas; creating a large liquidity event and thrusting the family heirs into an entirely new industry; managing the family's significant wealth. The Dassler heirs enlisted FirsTrust to create a "Family Office" with the investment expertise and independent technologies to acquire best-of-breed investment opportunities from across the globe and manage them from a centralized platform. 

Today, the Adidas legacy wealth is managed for three generations of heirs to Adi Dassler by their own Family Office - engineered by the "good thinkers" at FirsTrust.

We believe this level of objectivity, independence and expertise should also be available to families that don't come from world famous wealth.








We believe in serving our clients at the highest possible standard. For this reason, we subscribe to Best Practices: A Professional Code of Conduct. The Code was developed by the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, a nonprofit created to help investors know what they should expect from a fiduciary advisor.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

We believe truly objective financial advice can only come from someone who doesn't sell investments.

A Reputation of Trust

We believe a trustworthy financial advisor should be able to offer references from satisfied clients as well as local CPAs and attorneys who are willing to affirm the advisor's sound reputation.

Consumer Advocacy

We believe someone who claims to serve your best interests as a "fiduciary" should never accept financial incentives from third parties.

True Independence

We believe a truly "independent advisor" should be free to search the globe for investment vehicles by eliminating the unnecessary retail bank and brokerage middlemen.

A Team of Specialists

We believe nobody is an expert in everything, and a genuine depth of financial expertise can only be provided by an expert Financial Team.

Fee-Only Services

We believe a fee-paid professional has an incentive to focus on your success, while a commission-paid professional has an incentive to go find his next sale.