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Compensation Motivates Behavior

Today's "Financial Advisor" wears many hats: Financial Planner, Investment Broker, Portfolio Manager, Insurance Agent, or any combination thereof. Most are very personable, honest, and intelligent; however...

Each different hat an advisor wears pays a different compensation 

that is specifically designed to incentivize a different behavior...  

  • Commissions incentivize Advisors to recommend commission-loaded investments.
  • Performance fees incentivize risk-taking with your money.
  • Fees that vary by the type of asset class incentivize unbalanced portfolios.
  • Bonuses incentivize recommending things that profit the Advisor's employer.
  • Yield spreads and principal transactions incentivize buying high and selling low. 
  • Transaction fees incentivize frequent turnover; possibly with tax and sales charges.
  • Production quotas and sales contests incentivize unnecessary volume (i.e. life insurance).
  • Promotional incentives incentivize a product instead of a client objective.
  • Revenue sharing incentivizes promoting funds that pay-to-play on a marketing platform.  
  • Commissions incentivize sales reps to spend their time looking for new sales. 

... and they all come out of your pocket. (see for yourself: example UBS understanding_our_fees.pdf)


Expertise is our only product.

Every FirsTrust Advisor is a Fee-Only Registered Financial Advisor who affirms by sworn affidavit every year that he or she receives no commissions, kick backs, yield spreads, referral fees, gifts, incentives or other forms of third-party compensation in order to preserve loyalty and objectivity for their clients.

One Fully Transparent Fee:
Clients pay us a quarterly advisory fee for as long as they want our financial advice and investment management services. You won't receive any lengthy, fine-print conflict disclosures about commissions, kick-backs, sales incentives and other back-door sales compensation - because we simply don't have any.
Mutually Aligned Interests:
We are easy to hire and easy to fire: thus incentivized to provide constant value. When our fee is based upon the size of your accounts, we are incentivized to make sure your portfolio goes up, and proactively seek to eliminate commissions, high trading costs, service charges, taxes, internal loads and unnecessary expenses. And when clients call, we are incentivized to respond quickly and handle their service needs competently. 
A Highly Competitive Fee Structure: 
We offer an a-la-carte menu of investment, retirement, tax, and estate planning services. If you don’t want it - you don’t pay for it.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going supervisory management of your accounts)

Accounts above $1 million:                                                     Accounts under $1 million:

0.40% to 0.85% annually                        - OR -                       Fixed $ fee may be available

WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going financial/retirement, tax, or estate planning (per service))

Accounts above $1 million:                                                     Accounts under $1 million:

0.05% to 0.25% annually                        - OR -                        Fixed $ fee may be available


FirsTrust is proud to be one of America's Elite

Fee-Only Registered Financial Advisor firms.


Download File (NAPFA Consumer Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor.pdf)


It's what WE would want if WE were the client.


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