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FirsTrust Is A Fee-Only Fiduciary Firm

Our fees are fully transparent, mutually aligned with your interests, and highly competitive.


Fully Transparent:

Unlike most financial firms, we are true, fee-only fiduciary advisors. We preserve the objectivity of our financial advice and investment recommendations by refusing to accept any of the additional, back-door sales compensation. (for example UBS understanding_our_fees.pdf)

Mutually Aligned Interests:

We believe compensation motivates behavior.

Paying a fee to maximize performance incentivizes risk-taking. Paying a fee that varies by the type of asset class incentivizes unbalanced portfolios. Fee-based firms are incentivized to recommend high-commission investments. And commission-paid brokers are incentivized to focus on making sales to new customers; because once the commissions are paid, the only financial incentive for attending to an existing client is if an additional sale can be made.

Our compensation is designed the way WE would want it if WE were the clients:

  • We are easy to hire and easy to fire: thus incentivized to provide constant value and competent service.
  • When our fee for investment services is based upon the size of your accounts, we are incentivized to make sure your portfolio goes up; and financially penalized if it goes down.
  • With our a-la-carte service menu, you can custom-design a financial team to meet your specific retirement, tax, and/or estate planning needs. If you don’t want a service, you don’t pay for it.

Highly Competitive Fee Structure:

We believe the cost of hiring us is lower than banks, brokerages and other firms with layers of management fees, sales commissions, additional service costs and internal expenses - all of which come out of your pocket.

We also believe the financial products that pay the best commissions are usually in your worst interest, and being truly independent fee-only fiduciary provides us with a significant opportunity to find better and more affordable solutions.

And, when our fee is determined by the size of your investment accounts, we are additionally motivated to keep those accounts free from high trading costs, custodial expenses and banking fees – as well as unnecessary risks and income taxes. 

OUR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going supervisory management of your accounts)

Accounts above $1 million:                                                     Accounts under $1 million:

0.40% to 0.85% annually                        - OR -                       Fixed $ fee may be available

OUR WEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES: (on-going financial planning, tax advice, trust & estate planning)

Accounts above $1 million:                                                     Accounts under $1 million:

0.05% to 0.25% annually                        - OR -                        Fixed $ fee may be available


FirsTrust is proud to be one of America's Elite

Fee-Only Registered Financial Advisor firms.


Download File (NAPFA Consumer Guide to Selecting a Financial Advisor.pdf)



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