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Trust & Estate Services

Estate planning is not a legal document or an insurance policy.

It's a creative process that can result in unlimited benefits:

♦   avoid financial conflicts within the family

♦   protect your heirs from spendthrift concerns

♦   mitigate federal estate taxes

♦   provide financial management in the event of disability

♦   retain and protect treasured property in the family

♦   avoid postmortem legal proceedings

♦   protect and/or dispose of business interests

♦   ensure a comfortable financial future for surviving spouses

♦   guarantee future college educations

♦   creditor-protect your children's inherited assets

♦   provide lasting care for loved ones with special needs

♦   create lasting charitable endeavor

The planning you do today can preserve your legacy estate

and continue to touch many lives over distant generations.

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Recent death

Why do so many complicated tasks have to emerge at the worst possible time? Our Trust & Estate advisors know what to do, and not to do, to streamline the administration of an estate and allow the survivors to focus on their families.

Trust Planning 

Did you think you could only create a trust in the state of your residence? Each state's law is different, many offer unique and valuable planning opportunities, and you are free to select the state - or country - whose laws are most favorable for your specific goals.

Serving as Trustee

In most cases, you can retain full control over your estate plan. Our Trust & Estate advisors can help many Trustees outsource the administrative duties and legal requirements while remaining in control over the trust decisions and assets.

Reducing taxes

Why buy life insurance to cover a tax that could be eliminated through strategic planning? Our Trust & Estate advisors have a documented history of saving our clients millions of dollars with a variety of tried-and-true estate tax strategies.

Saving money

Why make your heirs incur the emotional and financial capital to go through court-supervised probate if they don’t have to? In most cases, even basic estate planning can eliminate the need for the expensive and time consuming probate process.

Protecting assets

Thought you had to go offshore to protect your family’s assets? There are countless domestic and international asset protection strategies to your families’ assets from being lost to creditors, lawsuits, and divorcing spouses.