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Family Office Services

The Morgans, Melons and Rockefellers - and three generations of heirs to the founder of ADIDAS - didn’t take their financial affairs to a bank or brokerage.

Several years after the death of legendary shoe maker Adi Dassler, the family sold their ownership of Adidas creating a large liquidity event and thrusting the family into an entirely new industry; the Family Office wealth management business. 

With a private FinancialTeam, the family receives unbiased guidance and the collaboration of true experts who work for the family, not for Wall Street. Their loyalties are never divided by an institutional paycheck, their judgment is never clouded by a commission or sales incentive, and their choices are never limited to a menu of investments that favor a bank or brokerage profit agenda. 

Today, the Adidas legacy wealth is held by three generations of heirs to Adi Dassler and The Adi Dassler International Family Office: created and advised by the FinancialTeam at FirsTrust, LLC.

Of course, not all affluent families are world famous. In fact, many don’t necessarily regard themselves as “wealthy” or feel the need for an entire Team of experts. But the cornerstone feature of a true Family Office, in a word, is “Trust”.

And everyone needs that. 

Today, families of all sizes have a private FinancialTeam of experts to serve the best interests and objectives of their family. The family confidently relies upon a collaboration of these best-and-brightest minds and their consensus-driven guidance for each financial decision the family makes - with absolute discretion.

With a dedicated team of experts standing at their front gate, the family is insulated from conflicts of interest and the constant barrage of sales pitches. They don't have to pay retail prices or make large purchases without professional research and negotiations. They employ sophisticated strategies to reduce risks, minimize taxes, and take shelter from financial predators. And they safely transition the family’s legacy and stewardship values to multiple generations of future children and grandchildren.

With a platform of savvy, modern-day technologies and a competent home office staff behind them, FirsTrust can advise and manage a family’s comprehensive financial assets, regardless of what they are (investment accounts, real estate, farms, art collections, etc.) or where they may be held (US or internationally). Plus, with consolidated, real-time data and customized reporting, each family can remain fully informed and track their performance against the family’s established benchmarks.


Systems and Operations                                 Family Advisory

Chief Operations Manager on staff                         Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment account data aggregation                    Plan implementation and monitoring

Consolidated account reporting                              Family Governance & Education

Cash flow analysis and tax reporting                      Multi-Generational Legacy planning

Simplified Tax reporting                                            Estate & Tax management

Secured on-line document storage


Investment Management                               Financial Information Security

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) on staff             IT Systems Expert on staff

Investment strategy and oversight                         Cyber Security Information Management

Sub-Advisor portfolio review services                    Written & Updated Policies & Procedures

Collaborative Portfolio Construction                      System Encryption Protocols

Investment Committee Participation                     Data firewall security

Investment Policy Statement Guidance                 Systems Risk Management Guidance

Proxy Voting Protocol Maintenance

Client Portfolio Risk Analysis System


Regulatory Compliance (Multi-Family Office)

Compliance Officer on staff

SEC compliant protocol maintenance

Disaster Recovery Plan

Confidentiality Agreements

Written & Updated Policies & Procedures


The Adidas Group / Adidas, Inc is a publicly traded company. The Adi Dassler International Family Office is not affiliated, or financially aligned in any manner, with The Adidas Group or the transaction of its securities. The adidas logo is a registered trademark of The Adidas Group.