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Who and where are traditional FirsTrust clients?

Our clients are the financially affluent and those who aspire to be. They are young and old; U.S. and international; families, professionals, business owners, Trustees and retirees. 

How can FirsTrust compete with major banks and brokerages?

We don't have to - FirsTrust has no financial products to sell, and thus no dog in the fight. Our job is to evaluate the universe of financial offerings, compare them against each other, and objectively determine what's best. When it comes from a big-box bank or brokerage, we'll recommend it; and we can even help obtain it in the client's portfolio. It's that simple.

What is a FinancialTeam?

A FinancialTeam is our ensemble of expert investment managers, financial advisors, estate planners, tax and retirement specialists who collaborate to help our clients make wise financial decisions.  

What's the difference between a broker and an Advisor?

Most "advisors" who charge a fee for financial services are also brokers who can additionally receive sales commissions and incentives for promoting investments that are profitable for their employer. FirsTrust believes this creates a conflict of interest. Our advisors only charge a fee for expert advice and service, and no outside incentives can ever influence our recommendations.

Is my money safe with FirsTrust?

Your money is never at FirsTrust. You can avoid being the victim of a  broker who "Madoff" with your money by never giving them your money in the first place. Maintain safety and retain control by holding your accounts at a major, discount brokerage (TD Ameritrade, Schwab or Fidelity) Then, you can authorize the Advisor to manage the investments in your accounts without giving them the authority to run off with your life savings.

What is your investment style?

At FirsTrust, our "style" is taking the time to customize each client's investment portfolio around their specific goals and objectives.  

Why should I care how a financial advisor is paid?

US Department of Labor Notice (2017) 

I think my broker is already a Fee-Only Advisor.

You may want to verify that. Only 5% of "advisors" are actually Fee-Only; they only hold a license to provide advice for a fee. Don't confuse this with "Fee Based" advisors who charge fees and also hold licenses to receive commissions and incentives. 

Who typically hires an independent, Fee-Only advisor?

Anyone who wants unbiased financial advice from a seasoned expert with no products to promote, no conflicting profit agendas, no corporate sales pressures or quotas - and a ton of high-tech resources.

What is your principal field of expertise?

Financial planning, investment management, taxes, retirement planning and trust & estate services are provided by seasoned experts who compose a FinancialTeam to collaborate on comprehensive wealth management solutions for your family. 

How often do we meet with you to review progress?

Routinely and at your convenience. For International clientele and those who prefer video conferencing, we frequently communicate via today's modern telecommunications. 

What reports do you provide, and where do they come from?

We use complex data aggregation systems to retrieve information from your financial accounts, wherever they are held. The data is consolidated into a single platform that can generate dozens of analytical reports, and it provides you with a secure, real-time web dashboard to see all of your updated accounts and documents, 24/7.

Can you provide references?

Sure. In addition to client references, we can provide a list of CPAs and attorneys who are familiar with our services and willing to stake their own reputations on recommending our services. 

How do we get started?

A brief, initial conversation can help determine if we appear to be a good fit. If so, we can schedule an initial meeting to discuss your situation in further detail - at no cost. Contact Us. 800-585-9888